About Us

The experience of “old” combined with the strength of “young” are the two elements that gave birth to the project OLD AND YOUNG.
We want to create a particular sound, that joins the “old” electronic music roots to the “young” technique and freshness of the new era.
With our releases we want to tell the 30 years ago analogical machines history, far away to the last years digital music invasion of dance floors, studios and home made studios.

Our music research goes back to the black music roots, to the german minimalism and finally lands to the techno and house music of the ’80.

Our device is strictly the black, lined and crunchy vinyl. This is a stuff that will never get lost among the thousands of a laptop bytes. 
OLD AND YOUNG born thanks to the “old” Gambo and to the “young” D-Vince, Drent and Sergio Pace. 
We believe in the remix as a way to reinvent our music and each of our selected remixers shares our production style line. 
OLD AND YOUNG is a timeless, young, old, trendy and experimental music. We produce it to let people enjoying the listening experience and the powerful sensation of the dancing one.